Leading center-based ABA therapy provider since 2005.

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Our Mission:

Florida Autism Center builds a culture of clinical excellence that allows children, their families and our team members to reach their personal potential.

About Us

Florida Autism Center was founded in 2005 by Chryssy Moor, and serves the autism community with center-based ABA therapy throughout the state of Florida. The organization employs a diverse and talented team of behavior analysts at each of its locations. We are constantly expanding and already have multiple locations scheduled to open in the next few months, probably in an area near you!

Florida Autism Center provides treatment based on the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, and has a specific focus on early intensive behavioral intervention, verbal behavior (language) training, and social skills training. Additionally, the Florida Autism Center can help your child learn to display basic “following directions” skills, self-care and daily living skills, and can give your child a strong foundation in skills that will be needed as he or she advances academically.

Florida Autism Center is owned and operated by Board Certified Behavior Analysts, and is a practicum and supervision site for Nova Southeastern University and Florida Institute of Technology.  The University of Florida and FAC have established a collaboration that allows UF to provide clinical and research expertise as well as professional training and peer review for FAC staff. Additionally, FAC serves as a supervision site for those working to obtain the Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) credential.

FAC has expanded its service area into Georgia under the name Fusion Autism Center.