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Dec 22nd, 2017

4 Tips for Helping Children on the Autism Spectrum During the Holidays

Florida Autism Center tips for children with autism.

Oct 27th, 2017

Top 10 Tips (No tricks!) for Kids on the Spectrum During Halloween

The top tips on the best Halloween and Trick or Treating from the experts in your community.

Aug 14th, 2017

What is behavior analysis?

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

May 16th, 2017

Signs and Symptoms: Characteristics of Autism

At its core, a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) usually includes deficits in the areas of social skills, language and communication, and the presence of repetitive or restricted behavior(s).

Mar 14th, 2017

ABA Therapy Reinforcer Tips: Catch Your Child In the Act

ABA therapy tips from Florida Autism Center, a leader in autism services and ABA therapy.

Dec 29th, 2016

Identifying Potential Reinforcers for Children with Autism

This blog can help you identify what types of reinforcers might work best for your child. Florida Autism Center is all center-based ABA therapy across the state of Florida and works closely with children using these principles.

Oct 18th, 2016

Top 5 ABA Therapy Tips for Using Reinforcement

How to better understand reinforcement and how to use it properly at home for children with autism.