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Sep 26th, 2018

What is behavior analysis?

Behavior analysis is the scientific study of behavior and the effect the environment can have on it. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) uses scientifically validated techniques and procedures to increase desirable and functional behavior, such as communication, play and self-care skills; and decrease inappropriate or dangerous behavior, such as tantrums, aggression, or elopement. ABA can be used for a multitude of situations and people. ABA is most often recognized with regard to autism related services; however, the principles are universal and useful for improving behavior related, but not limited to creating healthier lifestyles, increasing communication, improving workplace organization, successful toilet training and dieting. It is a common misconception that ABA services can only help children with specific disabilities. The field of Applied Behavior Analysis is devoted to socially significant change and can produce successful outcomes for people of all ages and skill sets. Services may be intensive in nature and encompass all domains of an individual's life or may simply offer a bridge for gaps, for example, in social or daily living skills. Financial support for services may vary depending on a child’s diagnosis, however, Florida Autism Center is a premier resource for all children and their families who may benefit from ABA services.