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ABA Therapy - One-on-One

When a child comes to us for one-on-one ABA therapy, we want to work on social skills, pre-academics, community integration, language, self-care, daily living skills, and basic “following directions” skills. Each of our centers is designed to provide a welcoming learning environment that allows us to customize a 1:1 therapy session to each child’s individual needs while still providing the oversight and sterling standard of care that our families expect and deserve.

Collaboration is paramount and no one knows a child better than his or her own parent. We partner with all our parents at FAC to create an environment that promotes meaningful learning opportunities and experiences that work for their child, rather than just apply what has worked for others. We also update all our parents on a daily basis and give them access to our live data collection and progress notes system so they can keep track of their child’s day at any time they so choose. We work closely with teachers, even attending IEP meetings with our families, to make sure that each child has their best chance and is getting the right services to meet their needs.

Our Early Intervention program also provides One-on-One services. If your child is age 6 or under and needs to receive intensive instruction, you can learn more at FAC’s Early Intervention page.