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ABA Therapy - One-on-One

When a child comes to us for one-on-one therapy, we work on social skills, pre-academics and community integration, language, self-care and daily living skills, and basic “following directions” type skills.

FAC provides one-on-one therapy to three main groups of students.

The first group typically receives After-School One-on-One and comes to us, either on the bus or with their parents, from another local school. Many times, these children are in a typical classroom, but needs some assistance with homework and study skills, social skills, etc. Some examples of the help we provide are reading comprehension, math fluency, social skills training, better study skills, communication or language skills, completing chores independently, or any other issues that interrupt home or school life, that’s exactly what One-on-One therapy is for.

The second group receiving One-on-One are students who are also in our school program. Many children who are in our school also stay after school for additional After-School One-on-One. These children may work on many of the same goals they work on during the school day or some students will have completely different goals from their school program, but all receive 100% individual attention during one-on-one therapy.

Finally, our Early Intervention program also provides one-on-one service. If your child is age 6 or under and needs to receive intensive instruction, you can learn more at FAC’s Early Intervention page.