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ABA Therapy - Private School

Welcome to our school!

The Florida Autism Center has a small, private school program that accepts students using the McKay scholarship. Our school program is most appropriate for students who are in greater need of life skills and functional living skills than a traditional academically focused program. Sometimes our program is appropriate for students who have been unsuccessful in the public school system due to bullying, lack of individualized attention, or other roadblocks to success.

Our school accepts new students ages 5-13. FAC will work with students approaching age 13 to transition to another school placement, providing a program of study and activities in line with those offered in middle and high school. We may continue to serve these students in some capacity as long as it is beneficial to them and they continue to be a good fit for our program. To determine if we have a classroom that fits the needs of your child, please contact us to schedule an open house. If you are pleased with your current school placement, please see our One-on-One program to determine if it may better serve your needs.

Our program is dedicated to quality and ethical practices in education.