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ABA Therapy - Specialty Programs

Food Acceptance

The task of feeding can be overwhelming and stressful, especially for parents of children with limited eating habits or those who demonstrate problematic behaviors when presented with unfamiliar foods. Our Food Acceptance program utilizes the latest data-based research in food selectivity from our collaboration with the University of Florida and provides ongoing support for families while their child is moving along in their journey to enjoying more foods.

Toilet Training

Toilet training is one of the most important life skills we teach. Our complete approach to training is specific to each child, meaning we develop and tailor each “potty training” program based on the child’s unique needs as well as our assessment of their readiness. Our trained behavior therapists will be able to assist your child in learning this necessary skill utilizing the latest data-based research from our collaboration with the University of Florida.

Parent Training

Parent training is one of the most highly-regarded aspects of our services. It does little to no good for a child to have reduced problem behaviors when they are in center with us, if the second they leave our care, those problem behaviors come back. We recognize parents and caregivers as one of the most important parts of the team for a child and ensuring proper training, use of reinforcement, and support are our top priority. The program will increase your confidence and your ability to handle problem behaviors all while increasing your child’s communication and independent living skills.