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ABA Therapy - Verbal Behavior and Communication

Communication is one of the most important skills for individuals to acquire in order to reach fulfillment in their daily lives. If your child is exhibiting difficulty with communication skills Verbal Behavior therapy (VB Program) may be beneficial. Verbal Behavior therapy is a methodology used to address skill deficits based on the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. The goal of this therapy is to increase functional language and appropriate social skills while decreasing stereotyped and problem behaviors. Early intervention is important, but this kind of teaching can also benefit older children.

There are several domains of Verbal Behavior that we work on, which are referred to as verbal operants.

These operants include:

Manding – your child’s ability to request items or activities

Tacting –  your child’s ability to label items they encounter in their everyday life

Intraverbals – your child's ability to answers questions, complete fill-in-the-blank statements, or otherwise carry on a conversation

Motor Imitation – this is taught to assist children in acquiring gross motor skills and fine motor control

Echoics – this entails repeating sounds, words, or phrases in order to promote speech development

Receptive tasks – this skill refers to following instructions to perform a task