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Early Intervention - ABA Therapy

Florida Autism Center’s Early Intervention (EI) program is completely unique.

We WANT your child to outgrow us.

Our Early Intervention (EI) program is geared toward children age six and under. The goal of this program is to help a child obtain the skills necessary to achieve mainstream kindergarten readiness or placement in the least restrictive setting. Our EI program focuses on fun, age appropriate activities that systematically encourage language, social skills, and other foundational skills toward getting ready for school. This is not a typical Pre-K, it’s a setting where intensive service delivery LOOKS like Pre-K. We track your child’s progress and methodically plan each new skill, from a child saying his or her first word all the way through choral responding during circle time.

Children in our program receiving intensive service HAVE achieved mainstream kindergarten readiness and success in school well beyond the kindergarten year. We can’t guarantee success, but we CAN tell you that we hold a FIRM belief that EVERY child can learn if we find the right way to teach them. We are here to help each child reach his or her personal potential by using sound science mixed with lots of love.

The time is NOW if you have a child who is behind. We can teach so much more to a little one, and there are irrefutable amounts of research indicating that the Early Intervention years are the ones in which the most impressive gains can be made. 90-95% our our lifelong language acquisition has occurred by the time we are 5 years old. DO NOT miss out on this critical window of development for your child. If there is any one thing we can stress to you, it’s “come to us when they are little, and we will do all we can so they won’t need us when they’re big.”